Keeping Up with Kia

Every month we receive several updates to stay ahead of the curve, and best serve our clients automotive needs. We’ve decided to start sharing these insights with you! We want all of our area car owners to know that we’re here to help them, even if their issue is relatively “obscure”… such as noise in the sunroof of a Kia Forte Koup built between June 5, 2009 and December 8, 2009.

As a matter of fact, just yesterday, we received information about two issues Kia owners may experience, and some great information that can possibly save our clients money without compromising quality.

The first issue we were advised of is the same noise created by the sunroof of the Kia Forte Koup. Due to interference between the rail and the panel, noise is created, especially when driving on uneven roads or cornering. If you’re having that issue… or another… we have the solution.

Drifting Concern
Due to assembly variations that may remain on suspension components, there can be adjusting or settling, and sometimes drift concerns. If you have experienced any unintentional drifting while driving, we can help… even if you’re not driving a Kia.

Kia Parts
Repairs can be expensive, but we value our integrity and commitment to giving clients quality service while keeping their costs as low as possible. The updates we received this month for Kia included great resources to ensure we offer the best pricing without compromising quality or aesthetic. While this update was regarding Kia parts, we can do this for any car owner. Above all else, we pride ourselves in doing great work for every client and making every effort to keep costs appropriate.

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